Y2: Gallery

A Christmas Journey

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 12:51pm

Year 2 visited All Saints Chuch this morning and went on a wonderful Christmas journey.  The children listened to stories, wore costumes, watched a puppet show and took part in a craft activity. 

Inter Faith Week Assembly

Date: 23rd Nov 2023 @ 3:27pm

Today, Years 1 to 6 have participated in Inter Faith Week Assembly.

Inter Faith Week occurs every November (for 8 days following Rememberance Sunday).  The children have thought and reflected on:-

* Friendships amongst different faiths - what this means and how they could be a better friend.

* Social and Community Action Projects - the children watched a video about the creation of the Watford Peace Garden.

In conjuction with the Rights Respecting Team and Miss Evans, the children have been asked to think about:-

What could we do as a school to make to make our community a better place for people of all faiths and religions?

The children have been asked to send their ideas to Miss Evans and the RRS Team before Monday 11th December, 2023.

Y2 Gymnastics

Date: 15th Nov 2023 @ 12:26pm

In Gymnastics this week Year 2 have been learning how to create different balances. 

PATHS at Lyme

Date: 25th Oct 2023 @ 3:26pm

At Lyme we follow the PATHS Programme (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies).  This programme helps our children to develop self-control, emotional awareness, peer relations and problem-solving skills. 

Take a look at some of the work that has been done in PATHS across the school this half term. 

Y2 Learning

Date: 24th Oct 2023 @ 8:18am

Take a look at our working walls for this half term. 

PSHRE - What makes a good friend? 

RE - Does how we treat the world matter? 

HISTORY - What good came out of the Great Fire of London? 

SCIENCE - What is our school made of? 

ENGLISH - A River by Marc Martin 



Y2 Moving Vehicles

Date: 14th Jul 2023 @ 2:22pm

In Design Technology Year 2 have designed and made their own moving vehicles. 


Colomendy Day 2

Date: 8th Jul 2023 @ 12:57pm

Everyone has enjoyed our second day at Colomendy! The children have all been fantastic- showing excellent teamwork and perseverance. 

Colomendy Day 1

Date: 7th Jul 2023 @ 9:24pm

We have had a fantastic first day at Colomendy!

Arts Week in Y2

Date: 30th Jun 2023 @ 8:09am

Inspired by the picture book the SEA OF DREAMS by Dennis Nolan Year 2 have produced some amazing artwork this week.  They used mixed media to create an under water scene using paints, pastels and collage materials.  The children explored colour mixing to create their own colours to use in a colour field painting inspired by the artist Mark Rothko. 

In music they composed and performed their own pieces of music using 1 and 2 syllable words from the book. 

Begum taught the children a dance inspired by the pictures from the story and in drama they acted out scenes from the story. 

In english the children created expanded noun phrases to decribe what they could see and wrote their own poems.  It have been a wonderful week and the children have enjoyed expressing themselves through the arts! 


Y2 Superhero Comic Art

Date: 23rd Jun 2023 @ 2:10pm

Year 2 worked in groups to create superhero comic inspired art. Today they added paint to their drawings and collages from last week.  Take a look at their colourful group creations so far! 

Y2 Brass Band

Date: 23rd Jun 2023 @ 2:07pm

Year 2 are having some brass band sessions with Mr Chadwick. Today they played 3 new notes. 

Y2 Sports Week and Sports Day

Date: 16th Jun 2023 @ 11:51am

Year 2 have had amazing Sports Week.  On Monday they met an Olympic gymnast and completed a workout for charity. They have enjoyed Zumba, the daily mile and dance classes. 

The children also  made up an exercise routine for younger children to do and made posters for Soccer Aid.  Our week was finished off by a wonderful Sports Day!  

Year 2 Coronation Party

Date: 5th May 2023 @ 2:02pm

Today, we celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III with a special assembly and an afternoon tea party.  We made our own crowns for the celebrations. 

Y2 Rugby Festival

Date: 24th Apr 2023 @ 3:39pm

Today, Year 2 attended a rugby festival which was led by the Saints Community Development Team.  The children took part in lots of fun rugby activities.  They were great team players and enjoyed cheering each other on.  The coaches were very impressed with the behaviour of the children and their I CAN do it attitude. 

Here are some of the things that the children said they enjoyed about the festival: 

'I liked tackling and pushing people over'

'I liked it when we played a mini game of rugby and we had to score. 

'I liked it when we jumped over the hurdles and we had to lie on the floor. It was funny'



Sean Perkins visits Lyme!

Date: 19th Apr 2023 @ 3:30pm

This afternoon author Sean Perkins visited Lyme to share his latest book with us 'Oscar and Ben - The Birthday Party'. 

Sean introduced the children to the main characters Oscar and Ben but first they had to wake them up from their sleeping bag. Once the cats Oscar and Ben were awake they sat in our classroom and listened to the story too!  Oscar and Ben ventured into the forest to celebrate the birthday of their good friend Mrs Hen.  

The story was exciting and entertaining and Sean even added special sound effects.  At the end of the session Sean played his guitar and we sang a song about the story. 

The children's faces lit up during the story telling session showing us that our children really do share a love of reading.  Thank you to Sean for providing our youngest children with such a memorable learning experience. 


Y2 visit to Chester Zoo

Date: 31st Mar 2023 @ 8:18am

Year 2 had an amazing time at Chester Zoo yesterday.  They saw lots of animals and had a guided tour with one of the zookeepers to find out more about animal habitats. 

Y2 Healthy Wraps

Date: 14th Mar 2023 @ 3:29pm

Year 2 designed and made their own healthy wraps in Design Technology.  

They used the bridge hold and claw grip to hold the knife safely when cutting fruit and vegetables.  

The children really enjoyed preparing a healthy snack and said that they tasted delicious! 

World Book Day in Year 2

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 4:04pm

We celebrated World Book Day today by dressing up as a word and all of the children took part! 

The children found out about how World Book Day started and why we celebrate it in school, they shared their ideas about why reading is important and enjoyed sharing stories with their friends and showing off their imaginative costumes in a whole school assembly. 

Y2 Cake Sale

Date: 23rd Feb 2023 @ 8:33am

As part of their current PSHRE topic Year 2 wanted to raise money for a charity. After a class ballot the results showed that the children wanted to raise money for a national charity that helps animals. 

They sold cakes to raise money for the RSPCA and raised just over £50.

Well done Year 2! 

Y2 Mental Health Week

Date: 23rd Feb 2023 @ 8:29am

As part of Children's Mental Health Week Year 2 took part in lots of activities following the 5 ways to wellbeing. They enjoyed learning in the outdoors and taking notice of the things around them and stayed active in aerobics and yoga sessions. 

They listened to the story of 'The Invisible String' and talked about who they were connected to and why.  The children gave thankful hearts and invitations to their adults to encourage wellbeing activities at home. 



Reading Ambassador Meeting

Date: 18th Jan 2023 @ 10:55am

In our reading ambassador meeting today we made plans for National Storytelling Week which will be held on the week beginning Monday 30th January. The children shared why stories and storytelling is important.  They came up with ideas of events that we could do to promote a love of reading and storytelling.  The ambassadors are planning to hold a whole school assembly, will be visiting classes to tell stories and they will even be telling stories on the playground at playtimes! 

Y2 Art

Date: 13th Jan 2023 @ 2:10pm

In Year 2 today the children explored texture by creating rubbings. They used their rubbings to create a 'frottage' collage in the style of the artist Max Ernst. They created beautiful animal pieces of art. 

Y2 Christmas Party

Date: 21st Dec 2022 @ 3:25pm

Year 2 had great fun at their Christmas party today.  They enjoyed dancing, playing party games and eating party food. A great time was had by all! 

KS1 Nativity

Date: 21st Dec 2022 @ 2:33pm

Our fabulous KS1 performed 'A Midwife Crisis' - super acting, singing and dancing!

Y2 - A visit from Santa

Date: 20th Dec 2022 @ 11:04am

Today, Y2 were very excited - they had a very special visitor ... it was Santa.

Santa had taken time out of his busy schedule to visit the children - it was super fun.

They all received a present - that Santa's elves had wrapped for them.

It was fun!

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