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Y3 Science Investigation: Does the length of your arm/leg affect how far you can jump and throw?

Date: 18th Mar 2023 @ 3:05pm

This half term, Year 3 have been learning about why we have a skeleton and the names of the bones in our bodies. We were asked to investigate the following questions:

*Do people with longer legs jump further?

*Can people with longer arms throw further? 

We worked in small groups to plan and carry out our investigation. Next week we will be using a spreadsheet on Purple Mash to create a graph of our results and then writing our conclusion in an email to Mr. Leather (our PE Leader).

Performance Poetry in Year 3

Date: 5th Mar 2023 @ 5:38pm

This week, Year 3 have learned the poem 'Onomatopoeia' by Joseph Coelho. They have investigated rhyme and onomatopoeic words and used them to write their own version of the poem in pairs. Watch their super performances!

Tom Palmer visit

Date: 3rd Mar 2023 @ 2:24pm

Tom Palmer visited Lyme today. 

Tom is an award winning author and has sold over half a million books.  He met with Year 5 and 6 today to answer their questions and tell them all about how he became an author.  Tom even did a book signing session and lots of children have started to read his books already. 

Thank you Tom for inspiring us to read and write our own stories. 



World Book Day in Year 3

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 12:24pm

We have all really enjoyed World Book Day in Year 3! Using the words we dressed up as, we designed the front cover of our own book. We have also listened to different authors reading stories and talked about our favourite books.

Y3: French Carnival

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 12:16pm

This week in French, Year 3 have used their learning from last half term to talk about the French nouns for different animals. Then they made animal masks as part of developing their understanding of French traditions, such as carnivals. 

Y3's Class assembly: The Romans

Date: 23rd Feb 2023 @ 10:40am

Our Y3 children shared their history learning with their families today by performing a play all about The Romans. They tried so hard with learning and delivering their lines; developing thier drama skills and performing several songs - including one with sign language.

They have thoroughly enjoyed this topic - especially the unusual parts, for example using vomit rooms and shared baths! All the children can now answer the key learning question: 'What did the Romans do for us?'

Y3 Number Day

Date: 20th Feb 2023 @ 1:21pm

For NSPCC Number Day, Y3 took part in different activities: 

*We listened to a 'number story' and a maths poem by Valerie Bloom.

*Talked about 'needs' and 'wants' linked to our rights-respecting work.

*Took part in a problem-solving challenge.

*Continued with our learning of our timetables through song and on TT Rockstars - we now LOVE going on this at home too!

Y3 Mental Health week

Date: 20th Feb 2023 @ 1:11pm

During Children's Mental Health week, we took part in lots of different activities to promote positive mental health. We enjoyed an outdoor scavenger hunt which encouraged the children to look for things which made them feel happy/relaxed in the natural environment; we talked about the benefits of being outside on our mental health. During Reward Time, we made 'breathing wands' which can be used to support us when we have uncomfortable feelings, decorated biscuits and did 'scribble art' - all activities to support positive mental health. 

Y3 learning this half term

Date: 20th Feb 2023 @ 1:05pm

Our Y3 children have been very busy this half term!

Reading Ambassador Meeting

Date: 18th Jan 2023 @ 10:55am

In our reading ambassador meeting today we made plans for National Storytelling Week which will be held on the week beginning Monday 30th January. The children shared why stories and storytelling is important.  They came up with ideas of events that we could do to promote a love of reading and storytelling.  The ambassadors are planning to hold a whole school assembly, will be visiting classes to tell stories and they will even be telling stories on the playground at playtimes! 

Escape from Pompeii

Date: 17th Jan 2023 @ 8:11pm

As part of our English Learning, we have been reading the text "Escape from Pompeii".

This week, we have taken part in some drama activities - Conscience Alley (where we were either Tranio or Livia and had to give our reasons for leaving Pompeii). Then we worked in groups, to take part in role-play - acting out the scences from the story.

It was fun and we were able to understand how the characters in the story felt.  

Y3 Roman Trip - Chester

Date: 10th Jan 2023 @ 4:12pm

Today, Y3 have experienced life as a Roman in the Roman City of Chester.

We visited the Deva Roman Discovery Centre - where we learnt about life as a Roman and how they invaded Britain.

Then, we got to march around the streets of Chester - as a Roman soldier - whilst we visited The Roman Gardens and The Ampitheatre. 

It was fun!

Y3 Roman Forts

Date: 8th Jan 2023 @ 10:46am

Linked to their History learning, Year 3 have researched, designed, constructed and evaluated Roman Forts in Design Technology. They developed lots of different skills, including using nets to made 3D shapes to use in their constructions. We were so impressed with the children's team work when making their finished products. Well done, Year 3!

Y3 Learning - Autumn 2 2022

Date: 15th Dec 2022 @ 5:09pm

Year 3 have been very busy this half - term.

Take a look at some of our Learning Walls to answer questions such as:-

RE: Why is the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) an example for Muslims?

PSHRE: What keeps us safe?

Geography: Why is the weather hard to predict? 

English: We have been writing Non-Chronological Reports all about whales.

Maths: We have been extending our knowledge of addition and subtraction.

STEM Fun in Reward Time

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 5:17pm

In Reward Time today ... Year 3 completed a STEM Challenge.

They worked in small teams.  Each team had 10 strands of spaghetti and 8 marshmallows.

Their challenge was: Which team could build the tallest tower?

The winners were: Walid, Rihanna and Edina - great teamwork. 

Y3 Poetry: Forces of Nature

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 7:39pm

This half term, some children in Y3 have been using different texts about rocks and fossils and forces and magnets in Reading lessons. They have been developing fluency and using their 'evidence finding pens' to help them to find answers to comprehension questions in the texts they have been reading.

Here they are performing 'Forces of Nature' - a poem all about the force of a storm - they have learned about how the poet uses personfication and what effect this has on the reader. 

Prehistoric art: Cave paintings

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 7:27pm

Year 3 have used a variety of art skills this half term when creating their Prehistoric art linked to their Stone Age learning in History:

1) Sketching native British animals

2) Blending using charcoal

3) Mixing own paints using flour, water and spices to create a 'Prehistoric pallette'

4) Using different natural resources (lentils, cous cous, bulgar wheat) to create a textured 'cave' background

5) Using original sketches to create an animal  'cave painting'

5) Using different brushes and paints to outline and colour animal image


How and Why some people serve God?

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:26pm

Year 3 had a special visitor today - Rev Chris Stafford came to visit us so the children could consolidate their understanding of our learning question : How and Why some people serve God?

First of all, Rev Chris explained all about the clothes he wears:-
* His cassock is black - which represents Christians believing that Jesus died on Good Friday.
* His robes are white - which represents Easter.
* His stoles (like a scarf) are all different colours to represent different parts of the Christian calendar.
* His green stole is worn most of the time.
* The purple stole represents Advent and Lent.
* The pictures on the white stole represent The Easter Story.
* The red stole is worn the least.

He showed the children the special objects that are used in Communion.

He told us that Christians believe that through the cross you travel to God.

Then, we learnt about belonging in God's family and we had a mock baptism.

Finally, Rev Chris answered lots of the children's questions.

Y3 Autumn term 1 learning

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 2:14pm

Year 3 have had a very busy half term learning lots of things: from the The Stone Age to rocks and fossils! Have a look at our working walls!

Y3 singing and counting in French

Date: 20th Oct 2022 @ 7:47am

Tongan Player Visit

Date: 11th Oct 2022 @ 4:37pm

Tongan Rugby Team Visit


Some of our students had the fantastic oppurtunity today to meet some professional Tongan rugby league players. These players will be representing Tonga in the rugby league world cup. Their first match is on Tuesday 18th October so we are very lucky that they have taken time out of their busy schedule to come and visit us. 

The children were very excited and got to ask the players lots of questions. At the end of the session, the players signed posters for the children and got photographs taken with them!

We'd like to thank the players once again. The children loved it!

Stone Age stew

Date: 6th Oct 2022 @ 4:56pm

Year 3 have made Stone Age stew today using the ingredients that would have been gathered at that time: berries, honey and nuts. They wrote some fantastic instructions afterwards - thinking about the features of an instruction text they have learned about in English lessons.

French greetings

Date: 29th Sep 2022 @ 5:32pm

Year 3 are doing well at learning French! Here they are singing 'The Greetings Song'!

Investigating the properties of rocks

Date: 29th Sep 2022 @ 5:29pm

Year 3 enjoyed testing different rocks to find out what their properties were before deciding which would be the most suitable to do a given job.

Being archeologists!

Date: 29th Sep 2022 @ 5:26pm

Year 3 enjoyed investigating artefacts to find out more about the Stone Age. They were really good at using their prior knolwedge to help them to infer what the object might be and how it might have been used. 

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