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A visitor from space!

Date: 14th Sep 2018 @ 12:24pm

Song Fest

Date: 23rd Mar 2018 @ 1:15pm

We took part in SONGFEST to celebrate 150 years of St Helen's history. Take a look at some of the pictures and videos of us singing. We also made a very impressive barge and won the rely race! Well done Jacob, Thomas and Olivia!

Anti-bullying Week in Y1

Date: 22nd Nov 2017 @ 4:38pm

During Anti-bullying Week, Y1 explored the subject through the story of Humpty Dumpty. In these photos you can see the children acting out the story. The King's Men were bullying Humpty because they pushed him off the wall and laughed at him SEVERAL TIMES ON PURPOSE. Year 1 decided that the King should be told what his men were doing, and that they should be made to apologise and make friends with Humpty. The children then related this to what they should do if this was happening to them or one of their friends.

Victorian laundry in Y1

Date: 22nd Nov 2017 @ 4:19pm

Year 1 have been learning about what life was like more than one hundred years ago, and how Cinderella would have done the housework for her mean stepmother! We did some washing using a tub, washboard and poss stick, just like poor CInderella. It was very hard work!

Video message to Zorg the Alien

Date: 22nd Nov 2017 @ 3:52pm

We made a video message to tell Zorg how to get to our school. Please click on the gallery to view the video.

Cinderella Ball in Y1

Date: 22nd Nov 2017 @ 3:41pm

We had a lovely time at the Cinderella Ball. Each couple was announced by the Master of Ceremonies (Miss Costello) as they arrived. Everyone danced to the music, which was a waltz by the composer Strauss.  King Harry  made a royal proclamation and Prince Charming (Nathan) danced with Cinderella. The servants (Mrs Brooks and Mrs Brown) served the refreshments, which were pink champagne (lemonade) and cakes. When the clock struck midnight, CInderella ran out, leaving her sparkly slipper behind. The king and Prince Charming tried the slipper on all the girls. Mrs Cribb was very sad that it didn't fit her! It did fit Ruby-Lea though, as she was Cinderella. Cinderella and Prince Charming got married and we all had a last dance.


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