The assessment of each child’s progress is important. Formative assessment allows teachers to map where a child is up to and to plan for his or her future learning needs.
This is often referred to as ‘assessment for learning’. As well as the staff making assessments of the children’s learning needs, we encourage the children to assess their own knowledge and recognise their own progress.


Summative assessment measures the attainment of each child against nationally recognised markers. For one week each term staff undertake this type of formal assessment of the children. The data from these assessments is collected on our school tracking system and can be accessed by teachers, subject leaders and governors giving them a clear picture of the attainment of individuals and year groups.
Subject leaders can use this data to give them an understanding of attainment in their area.
We use a variety of assessment tools to measure the children’s achievements including: PIRA, progress in reading tests, PUMA, progress in understanding maths, CGP publication tests and teacher assessment.
National Curriculum tests are used in Year 2 and Year 6 during the summer term. The results from these tests are given to parents/carers in the end of year report.
‘P’ scale assessments are used to measure the progress and attainment of children with
special educational needs.

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