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Stone Age Assembly

Date: 18th Feb 2019 @ 9:23am

To complete our topic on the Stone Age, year 3 performed an assembly in front of the school and their parents and carers. The performance was a great success. Well done to everyone.

Lots of learning in Foundation Stage!

Date: 15th Feb 2019 @ 11:45am

We've been taking advantage of the nicer weather (since the snow!) in Foundation Stage. We've been practising our reading and writing inside and out! We've been challenging each other with tricky obstacle courses (making sure they are safe of course!) And in Reception we've been learning some new board games, which we've really enjoyed. We hope we can play more board games at home with you!

Mama Panya's Pancakes.

Date: 14th Feb 2019 @ 11:18am

This week Y1 have been reading the text 'Mama Panya's pancakes, a village tale from Africa'. Children have collected information from the book to help us write our own instructions for making African spicy pancakes. Today children tested out their instructions and made some real African pancakes. Whilst the pancakes were cooking children collected a bank of words based on what they could smell, hear, see and taste. Our pancakes were fantastic and enjoyed by the whole class. Children will be using their words latter this week to write a thankyou letter to Mama Panya. Good cooking Y1. 

How do polar bears stay warm in icy Arctic warter.

Date: 14th Feb 2019 @ 11:08am

This week Y1 have been learning about conditions within the Arctic circle. We have looked at the clothes needed for cold climates and hot climates and we have begun to discuss some adaptions animals have to make to survive in these conditions. Today children predicted how a mass of blubber on their hand would feel in ice water compared to a hand without blubber. Children tested out their predictions dipping both hands into icy water, one hand covered in thick blubber and the other hand without blubber. Children then compared their predictions with their findings and then recorded this into their science books. Y1 were amazed to feel how one hand became very cold yet their blubber hand remained warm. We collected some fantastic conclusion questions from the afterwards, these ranged from, do all Arctic animals have to be fat?, Does a polar bear ever get too hot? Would a polar bear survive in Africa?. Super science Y1.

African water jugs and bowls.

Date: 11th Feb 2019 @ 8:58pm

Today in Y1 children compared the ability to get a glass of water in our class to getting a glass of water in a Kenyan school. Children were shown a variety of hand made African water jugs and bowls made in villages across Africa in aid of storing, carrying and holding water and food. Children discussed how most people in Kenya made these items as supermarkets and shops are not as common in Africa as they are in England. Y1 were then tasked with following a simple set of instructions to make salt dough and then shape and make a bowl or jug that can carry water. It was messy work but children loved learning to follow instructions and create their own African inspired bowl, plate or jug, great making Y1. 

Which African animal has the widest feet?

Date: 11th Feb 2019 @ 8:27pm

Y1 was invaded this morning by a variety of African animal footprints. Children looked at and discussed a variety of different tools used for measurement, from scales and thermometers to clocks and tape measures. Children were then tasked to estimate which African animal they thought had the widest footprint. We then discussed and decided on the best tool to use to help us find the answer. Children used rulers and recorded their findings on sheets of paper. Y1 found out that meerkats do not have wide feet, elephants have the widest feet and giraffes feet are wider then zebras feet. Fantastic work Y1.

Inspiration from Africa.

Date: 7th Feb 2019 @ 3:26pm

Children were shown pictures of sunsets from around the world and asked if they knew what these were or if they had seen something similar before. Year 1 then discussed why the landscape in Africa makes their sunsets so special. Children were then tasked with a range of shading activities using the hot colours of Africa. We were all amazed at the beautiful artwork we had created and it is now on display in our school hall. Inspirational work Y1. 

Thinking about weight and capacity.

Date: 4th Feb 2019 @ 6:22pm

Today Yr1 begun to explore weight and capacity. Children worked hard to fix, discuss and experiment with problems related to weight and capacity. Thanks to our special dinosaur toys, we solved lots of problems and children have added some fantastic new words to their vocabulary, such as, heaviest, lightest, balanced, scales, and volume. Well done team Y1.

Fun in the snow!

Date: 30th Jan 2019 @ 7:29pm

We had a great day in the snow in Foundation Stage, playing and learning to do lots of things! We found out the best shape of snowball to make (a sphere!), we used positional language to talk about where our target for the snowball was (usually Mr Widdowson!), we practised our fine and gross motor skills, we talked about how to stay healthy with exercise and why it was important to keep warm, and a lot more!

'Peace at Last' by Reception

Date: 29th Jan 2019 @ 3:36pm

Watch as Reception perform their story map of 'Peace at Last'. Our next step is to change the story, we are thinking of different places Mr Bear could go and what would be keeping him awake there!

Climates of the world.

Date: 28th Jan 2019 @ 4:31pm

Today, Y1 have begun to look at the weather all around us. Children monitored the weather outside today and have begun to learn some great vocabulary to describe the weather. Each child will keep their own weather chart this week and everyday we will update it and compare our weather with the weather of Nairobi in Kenya, Melbourne in Australia and Toronto in Canada. 

3D Shapes

Date: 25th Jan 2019 @ 4:15pm

We enjoyed constructing 3D shapes during our maths lessons.  

The North West - Liverpool

Date: 25th Jan 2019 @ 3:36pm

At the beginning of this term Y4 went to the Museum of Liverpool to discover how Liverpool became one of the world’s great ports and how this shaped the city of today.  Pupils explored the trade goods wall to identify examples of imports and exports to and from Liverpool.

An important part of the trip involved exploring the significance of the River Mersey to Liverpool and the city’s geographic location.  The growth of Liverpool’s docks was explored as a whole class timeline activity.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were intrigued to find out just how important the North-West is and was to the rest of the world.

Can you solve the mystery of the Maya?

Date: 25th Jan 2019 @ 3:33pm

This week we have used many art skills to create an image of the famous Mayan Kukulkan Temple found in Chichen Itza.

Science - sound

Date: 25th Jan 2019 @ 2:51pm

Over the past couple of weeks, Y4 have been carefully learning about how sound is made, how sound travels, how a string telephone works and what the pitch of a sound is. 

We carried out a few experiments. We investigated how string telephones work and then how we could change the pitch of a sound using straw trumpets. 

Katie Y4 - "It was fun using the string telephones. I found out that the sound travelled better when the string was pulled tight. I think it was because the string was easier to vibrate when it was straight."

Harley W Y4 - "Making the straw trumpets (or Strumpets!) was really funny because every time you cut the straw and made it shorter, the sound got higher and higher."

Shapes are everywhere!

Date: 24th Jan 2019 @ 4:28pm

Children in Year 1 had great fun trying to make 2d and 3d shapes from cocktail sticks and sticky sweets. They made lots of shapes from squares, triangles and hexagons to cubes, cuboids and pyramids. Children then explored why using the tools they had they were unable to make circles, spheres, cones and cylinders. Great working Y1.

Happy Birthday Mrs Bloxham!

Date: 23rd Jan 2019 @ 4:55pm

We had brilliant time celebrating Mrs Bloxham’s birthday today. We’ve made cards, banners, badges and more for her! We then all got together to sing happy birthday and give her a present.

Helping the younger children with their reading!

Date: 22nd Jan 2019 @ 2:24pm

On Friday afternoons some of the Year 5 children have been coming down to Reception to read to the children and listen to Reception children read their books. All the children know how important it is to practise their reading and have really enjoyed sharing their books with the older children!

Healthy Eating Workshop

Date: 18th Jan 2019 @ 12:59pm

Year 5 learned so much in our healthy eating workshop with Mr Healthy this week! They had a lot of fun finding out all about what our bodies needs to stay healthy. We thought about; the food groups and the types of foods we need, the impact these foods have on our bodies, all the different types of fruit to encourage us to aim for '7 a Day' and how to move more to keep us fit. 

There were lots of fun games and activities meaning a very enjoyable day was had by all!

The children have also got some 'Staying Healthy' booklets to share at home.

Stone Age Day

Date: 12th Jan 2019 @ 9:36pm

To introduce our new topic on the Stone Age, we had a special visitor come into class and tell us all about the Stone Age. The children learned lots of interesting facts about Stone age people and how they survived. We even got to hold a Mammoths tooth. 

Can you solve the mystery of the Maya?

Date: 11th Jan 2019 @ 4:24pm

Can you solve the mystery of the Maya?

The Mayans were famous for many things - one of them being discovering CHOCOLATE!

To kick start our Mayan topic we took place in a chocolate tasting challenge.


The Maiden Voyage to the Maritime Museum

Date: 11th Jan 2019 @ 8:19am

As part of our learning about our new topic- 'Why is the unsinkable ship at the bottom or the sea?' We went on a trip to the Maritime Museum to find out more about the mysterious Titanic. This helped us in our learning and really got us thinking about lots more questions we want to answer throughout the topic.

Learning Challenge Finale

Date: 20th Dec 2018 @ 3:46pm

For our final WOW on Natural Disasters, we exploded our own volcanoes. At the end of last week we made volcanoes and today we had fun watching them erupt.

A right royal Christmas ball.

Date: 20th Dec 2018 @ 3:41pm

Year 1 celebrated Christmas in royal fashion today. Children competed in a royal tournament to be crowned Prince and Princess Charming and we even had a special visit from Father Christmas! Super competing Year 1.

Foundation Stage party!

Date: 20th Dec 2018 @ 1:51pm

We’ve had a fantastic day in Foundation Stage, playing party games, dancing to our favourite Christmas songs and having a visit from the big man Santa himself! 

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