PGL 2016

Date: 20th May 2016 @ 4:45pm

Day 3 

Well Sunday brought sunshine and heat, definitely lots of tantastic markings today. The children have excelled themselves again and just a few of the highlights have been seeing certain individuals with underpants on their head, weird combinations of shoes and outfits, VERY wet underwear and bodies, happy faces flying over the lake on the zip line, determined expressions as once again they give it everything they've got to achieve a new skill and tick another "I did it!" off the list. We're home tomorrow, only one more night of preace and quiet? Hopefully if we can leave on time, we'll be back at school around 3.30 -4.00pm, if the bank holiday traffic co-operates.

Here are a few more photos. See you tomorrow :) x


Good evening from Boreatton Park. All arrived safely (no sick!) great weather and everyone ok. Harry our Groupie is fabulous, full of energy and as mad as a hatter. The kids all love him! Fish and chips or bolognese for tea. You'll be glad to note many of the PGLers even chose to eat some salad:) Had campfire tonight and toasted marshmallows. Sang some great tunes. Getting ready for bed now, lights going out and hopefully settling to sleep, some fab onesies mums! All are well and happy. Got canoeing in the morning or trapeze and challenge course or abseiling in the afternoon. 

I'll update you all tomorrow with the news then. It's going to get late! There's only one place with wifi so it's going to be once a day. And it's VERY slow!


Day 2 -  Another fabulous day. Very late night, very early morning! It has been non-stop with abseiling, canoeing, challenge course and the trapeze. A number of our children have really dug deep today to face their fears! We're all so proud of them. They are all having a wonderful time (sorry Mums, no homesickess!) They're tiring out poor Harry, although he seems to be enjoying it so win win :) 

We've eaten like Kings, sausage and beans, hot pork rolls and lasagne just a taste of the delicious variety of food we've had today. The sun is shining and there are some pink faces. All are joining in and making the most of the chances to have a go at something new. 

All are well so you can be assured everyone is ok and happy so no worrying! Here are just a few of the 100's of photos taken today. And yes, the last photo is of a cartwheel off between Harry and Mrs Millener, the result of a forfeit in a game. A steward's enquiry is still meeting to decide the winner.  Till tomorrow...













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Miss Burns wrote:

Glad to see you've all arrived safely - have a fab time.

Hope no-one gets too wet canoeing tomorrow and there's lots of sunshine ☺

Lynnette wrote:

Good to know you all got there safely. Have a good day today and I hope you all get very wet canoeing 😁

Isabel wrote:

I want Abbie to persevere and all of year 6

Amellia k wrote:

hope all year 6 have a great time 😊 at PGL

Louisa wrote:

Ahh glad your all having a fab time πŸ˜€β˜€οΈX

Mrs Hunter wrote:

It looks great! Enjoy your last night :)

Tilly's mum wrote:

You all look like your having a fab time!!! The weathers been wonderful for you β˜€οΈπŸ˜€ Xxx

Abigail G wrote:

I loved PGL. Best time of my life and if you go try everything or you will regret it. PGL stands for Peter Griffin L. Not sure what the last one was like loran or something. Happy holidays everyone. πŸ‘Œ

Molly wrote:

Best trip EVER I still miss harry soooo much

Rachel wrote:

That trip was the best thing ever I wish we could go back all of the activities were fab

Elisha y6 wrote:

It was so much fun. I loved every minute.

katie wrote:

I ❀ pgl

Niamh wrote:

Pgl was the best!!!!! I miss harry alot😒😒 if any one else goes plzzzz go on everything!! Its amazing all the activities were great !!!! The food was good lots of different options every night lots of activities to keep u busy. Pgl stands for peter gordon lorence or as harry said... PRETTY GOOD LOOKING STAFF!! (Which is tru 2 be honest!!)

Sarah y6 wrote:


Emma Greenshields wrote:


emma y6 wrote:

so so so so so so so much

Amy y5 wrote:

wow!It looks so amazing i just can't wait until im in y6 so then i can go to PGL!!!! ;) :0 :)

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