Pastoral Support and Safeguarding

Our Pastoral Support Programme

At Lyme Community Primary we want everyone involved with our school to feel well supported. We believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs of each child. We aim to build trusting and empathic relationships with all our pupils and their families.

OFSTED – ‘Pupils know whom to go to if they need help and commented that ‘if you have any worries you know who to go to and it will be sorted out.’

Our Inclusion Team includes our Headteacher, Mrs Cribb, SENCo, Miss Burns and a full-time Pastoral Manager, Mrs Lammond, all helped by a group of amazing Teachers and Teaching Assistants. Together our team works with students so they can lead fulfilling and balanced lives at school and beyond.

All our staff model to students how to look after themselves and others; encouraging them to seek help, support or advice whenever they need it.

Pastoral care underpins personal development and we know from experience that with outstanding pastoral care, students feel they belong and their self-esteem is able to flourish because they feel valued and cared for.

Supporting the pastoral needs of pupils sometimes involves working with external agencies. In these situations we ensure that a confidential, professional, non-judgemental and sensitive service is provided.

Lyme Primary’s Pastoral Support 

  • Range of academic interventions organised by the SENCO and Deputy Headteacher.
  • Full time Pastoral Support for children and families
  • PATHS project – alternative thinking strategies
  • Peer group work
  • Therapeutic social skills/emotional & mental health and well-being  session

The Headteacher is responsible for the safety and welfare of the children, this responsibility is shared with our Pastoral Manager.  The class teachers and pastoral team are responsible for the day-to-day care of our pupils.  Parents may make arrangements to discuss problems with the Headteacher or members of staff at mutually agreed times.

Each child’s welfare is the first concern of every member of staff and parents are encouraged to come into school when they have a concern or worries.

The Voice of the Child

Lyme Primary School understands the importance of enabling the voice of the child to be heard to promote safeguarding and well-being.

Examples of the Pastoral Care Team’s work include:

  • Lunchtime  drop-in sessions with the Peer Leaders
  • We are a ‘talking school’; we encourage our children to share their concerns at all times
  • Questionnaires for KS2. Within this survey children respond to questions related to feeling safe at school. The outcomes of these surveys are then used to inform interventions and practice within the school to promote the voice of the children.
  • ‘Worry boxes’ throughout Key Stage 1 & 2. These are monitored by teachers and the Pastoral Manager.
  • Student Council. Pupils are elected by their peers. Children are fully aware of the role of the elected school councillors and are encouraged to regularly bring their views and ideas to their Class Representatives.
  • Peer mentors are very visible in the playground at play and lunch breaks.
  • Peer mentors listen to children and facilitate activities within the playground in response to what children have asked for. Year 5 peer mentors are trained as talking buddies. Talking buddies support children who feel that they want to talk to someone about their playground related problems and concerns.
  • Children who need extra support at lunch times can find Mrs Lammond our Pastoral Manager or their Teaching Assistant as they are available at dinner times outside helping to supervise the children. This ensures that the social and emotional needs of vulnerable children are being addressed consistently.

For Pupils:

  • An active pastoral programme of support which children can be referred to or self-refer
  • Open door policies for all pupils with Mrs Cribb, Headteacher
  • Staff training on how to provide a nurturing environment and children are taught to speak to members of Staff about any problems they have
  • Rigorous behaviour monitoring and looking for possible causes of the behaviour
  • Displays around the school promoting wellbeing and providing opportunities to talk
  • Students feel safe to report concerns about other students
  • Assemblies on Health and Wellbeing
  • Invited children seen on a weekly fixed-term basis by the Pastoral Manager
  • Secondary Transition groups
  • Rights Respecting School Ambassadors, Prefects, Student Council, Eco Council, Peer Mentors & Activity Leaders
  • Pupil voice for Annual Reviews and EHCP conversions
  • Strong partnership with parents

For Parents:

  • Referrals to outside services and support - St Helens Safeguarding Early Help Information
  • Joint parent and child sessions through the therapeutic team
  • Full time Pastoral Support, Mrs Lammond is available daily to help with any concerns a parent may have
  • The Headteacher, Mrs Cribb has an open door policy for parents
  • SENCo – Miss Burns
  • Secondary transition work

If you require any further information about our Pastoral Care Team please contact Jenny Lammond, Lyme Community Primary Pastoral Manager on 01744 678350. 


Lyme Community Primary, Lyme St, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9HD