Curriculum Overviews

At Lyme Community Primary School we engage our children by working on the Learning Challenge Curriculum.

What is The Learning Challenge Curriculum?

The Learning Challenge concept is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work resulting in a meaningful curriculum which promotes high standards.

The Learning Challenge curriculum is an approach to structuring and delivering the curriculum; often described as an approach for ‘intelligent schools’. Our teachers plan their curriculum themes in order to meet the needs of our children – leading to high standards in all areas of the curriculum.

The key drivers of the Learning Challenge approach are:

  • Planned around the distinctive needs  of our children
  • Enquiry based to promote curiosity
  • Outcomes driven to raise standards
  • Embeds the application of basic skills
  • Allows writing to be meaningfully embedded
  • Cross-curricular (where meaningful)
  • Interesting for the teacher as well as children
  • Underpinned by latest thinking about quality learning and brain-based learning

The basic structure of a Learning Challenge would be:

  1. Pre learning task to find out what the children know about the challenge.
  2. WOW activity to engage and motivate the children into learning.
  3. Working through Learning Challenge questions with objectives linked to key skills.
  4. Reflection and sharing learning with parents and carers.

Look at our Learning Challenge overviews to see all of our interesting learning throughout this term!

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