Religious Education and P.S.H.E.

At Lyme, our P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education) and Religious Studies learning is combined within a Values based curriculum. As part of our Values curriculum, we also explore fundamental British values, such as respect for the law and tolerance of different cultural traditions. Each half term, the children explore a different value, thinking about how it is applied, in both their own lives and the doctrines of major world religions. Our values for this academic year are responsibility, compassion, wisdom, courage, truthfulness and trust.

As part of their learning about responsibility, the children explored the fundamental British value of democracy and participated in elections for the school council. Their work on wisdom and courage has enabled them to examine the similarities between different world religions. This, combined with the opportunity for religious and cultural visits, has helped to promote their appreciation of both their own and other cultures. 

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